an open source extensible Flash™ runtime

Goals and Future Directions

Modularity - Everything in Flirt should be easy to extend, customize, or replace. On OS X, for example, you might want to use CoreGraphics to do all the rendering. Or you could add a new raster method to create a new type of fill. Most customization, though, will probably be done by extending the script environment.

Portability - I'd like to run Flirt as the frontend of my MythTV-on-XBox setup. Or on a portable device, or a kiosk. Or use it to render insanely high-resolution flash movies for print or film.

Ease of Use - The A-number-one goal for Flirt is to be easy for developers to use.

Bundling - On OS X I can put the interface SWF into an application bundle. I have no idea how to make self-contained applications on other platforms.

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